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In an emergency, or just on the move

BayCity Communications is the New Zealand Reseller and Support Agent for C-COM Satellite's world class proprietary iNetVu® Auto-pointing Satellite Systems. C-COM is a leader in the development and deployment of mobile satellite-based technology for the delivery of 2-way high-speed Internet services into vehicles or other mobile structures.

The iNetVu® provides connectivity to a wide variety of users including the Military, Police, Fire, Disaster Management, Oil & Gas Exploration, Mobile Medical Services, Emergency Services, News Gathering, Mining, Construction, Bookmobiles, and Mobile Offices. No matter when, no matter where, when your application requires "must have" connectivity, the iNetVu® can deliver.

iNetVu® is a mobile auto acquisition satellite antenna system. With the simple push of a button, the iNetVu® automatically unfolds, locates the appropriate satellite, locks on to a signal, and establishes a connection —all using only the battery power of the vehicle, all within minutes of deployment, and all without relying on traditional terrestrial infrastructure.

BayCity can pair iNetVu® products with Optus and IPSTAR or any appropriate carrier with New Zealand coverage.

What iNetVu® products would be best for me in New Zealand? Depending on your carrier we'd pair you with the appropriate antenna size (0.98cm, 1.2m, or 1.8m). If you are an SNG operator you'd likely want to use a convenient "fly-away" kit paired with a solar pack. 

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